Big Bags

Big Bags

 Big Bags are used in a variety of industries for the moving, transport, and storage of powders and granulated materials. Our Big Bags are manufactured according to our client’s needs, based on his specifications or as configured by Buchman Feder factory engineers. Our Big Bags are available with a number of options, including:

  • lamination to prevent humidity damage
  • inner liner inserted for extra clean requirements
  • filling and discharge spouts of differing lengths and diameters
  • special sewing
  • customized printing

We offer Big Bags in a variety of weights and sizes, and with or without UV resistance. These bags can be filled with different weights of material, according to our customer’s requirements and the type of bag.

Our Big Bags feature different options and several types of sewing and loops, for example:


  • U-Panel Bags

This bag has loops sewn on the entire length and to each corner of the bag to increase the strength of the bag.


  • Circular Bags

The loops of this bag, which are sewn in an upside down U shape, form the four corners of the bag.


  • Quadro Bags

This bag has baffle net stitched to its four corners, which keep it square. This bag is very suitable for containerization, very comfortable to handle, and maximizes the space in the container.


  • Open/Closed Bags

We produce this bag in many different dimensions. The upper part is completely open and can be filled by any method, while the bottom is closed.


  • Filling Spout / Skirt – Closed Bags

This bag is an open – closed bag, where in addition to the open upper part, it can have a filling skirt or spout in various lengths and diameters to be used with pumps, silos, or conveyors. The bag is closeable after filling.


  • Filling Spout / Skirt Emptying Spout Bags

This bag comes with an emptying spout of different lengths and diameters, so that after emptying, the spout can be closed again and reused.


We also provide specially made big bags, such as ‘Chicken Waste Disposal Bag’, and several different models of big bags for packing and transportation of Asbestos scrap.