Buchman FedehistoryBUCHMANr Packaging Ltd. was established in 1926 by a group of people with vision who recognize their clients’ needs and provide solutions to his benefit. Since its establishment, the company has always placed a high value on reliability and professional transparency, of course, accompanied by warm, gracious service. Our managers are a unique combination of veterans with vast knowledge and experience and young people imbued with motivation and ambition. Buchman Feder Packaging sees each employee, from the General Manager to the lowest level worker, as responsible for quality products and the satisfaction of the client.


Buchman Feder Packaging provides strategic solutions to its clients in the fields of industrial chemicals, food products, infrastructure, agriculture, and storage. The company has the unique ability to identify out clients’ needs and to design custom solutions that meet those needs. Providing creative solutions in Israel and abroad, we specialize in methods of packaging and transporting for various industry sectors including existing collaborations with international strategic manufacturers and producers. Buchman Feder Packaging has won recognition for its specialization in the field of packaging and has established marketing facilities in Asia and the United States.